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Additions & Remodels

Our approach to additions/remodels is somewhat different in nature than either designing a custom home or modifying an existing plan. When you call our office and explain that you are contemplating and addition/remodel, we will set up an appointment to meet with you at your home to discuss your needs. This meeting will be the basis of your addition/remodel project.

We will walk through your home, taking notes and making sketches of your ideas, answer questions about design possibilities, and even take a look at your property. After this meeting, we will review your information and mail you a contract with our required fee. We will then set up a time convenient for both parties to meet at your home to record the existing conditions.

When we arrive at your home, we will confirm the ideas discussed at the previous meeting. We will then begin measuring your home, or the areas in question; we will take pictures of the exterior elevations, any interior areas involved, and any special features we feel are necessary to the project. Of course, if you have a set of measured plans, that would help speed the process along. At this point, we will need from you an accurate survey of your property and a copy of any restrictions your neighborhood may have.

And now the design process has begun. We will return to our office and begin by translating our notes and measurements into a sketch of the existing conditions. Then we will begin transforming your existing house into your new dream home

From here the design process is the same; we meet to discuss the drawings, make changes, meet again, etc.